Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Double Unders Make Me Cry

There are a few things that always make me cry. No matter what. Movies about dogs. Being moved by the Spirit in worship. Watching 8 Seconds. And double unders. Seriously I LOATHE them.

Every time a CrossFit workout pops up including double unders, I just skip it and do something I like better. But now Rusty is home and on Sunday when he said he was going to do the 5 rounds of 5 deadlifts and 15 double unders, I felt I couldn't wuss out in front of him. So I did it.

First off, the women's DL weight was supposed to be 185#. But after a week of being under the weather, I just couldn't pull it. 2 reps and my form was already going to crap. So I dropped to 155, which already was a blow to my self esteem. Then the stupid double unders. In the first round it took me at least 5 trys to even complete one. Then I got into an inconsistent rythym of 2 or 3 at a time. At which point I would catch my toe on the rope, causing it to slap the ground, then back up to my arms, lashing me in the process. I seriously look like I have been whipped. Black and blue arms. I considered taking a picture and posting it, but that would just further my humiliation. I already have to go around with people thinking my husband probably beats me. I should make myself a shirt that says: Double Unders: The Real Wife-Beater. or...This happens every time I do double unders. Then about round 3, I managed to knock out 5 or 6 in a row, but on top of taking everything out of me, it also manages to cause me to pee myself (thanks, Natural Childbirth, I appreciate the lovely reminder you blessed me with). Rusty is trying to help by saying things like, "you have to give it the same effort every time." But of course this comes from the guy who is like, awesome at everything he does! He doesn't understand what it's like to not be good at something. I mean, he works really really hard to be successful at what he does, but he is also just really awesome...anyways...So, I am getting soooo frustrated. And it's like 105 degrees in our garage and I look like I've jumped in a swimming pool. Then I fail three attempts in a row, throw my jump rope and start crying. But I finished my workout. In 10:40. Terrible. Rusty finished in like 3:40. So, after he's done with his WOD I hand him the watch and tell him I am going to rinse off. He says with a smile, "Are you going to cry in the shower?" (Because that's what I did after the last workout with double unders.) I said, "No, I am not going to cry in the shower. I just don't like sitting in my own urine. Geeeeez." I am proud to say that I did NOT continue to cry in the shower this time. Maybe I will beat those double unders one of these days....


  1. At least you GOT them....eventually. I have YET to successfully complete a double under. they are the bane of my crossfit existence. I say GO GIRL for getting 'em done. As for the pee, just think of it a testament to your hard work and general awesome-ness. All the great marathoners have soiled themselves at some point. Your crossfit marathon was just a bit shorter than most.

  2. Where did you get jump ropes? Or should I say double under ropes? :)

  3. Michael, I've just been using a plain jump rope from Dick's, but that have speed ropes that are great for double unders for sale on muscledriver.com. That's where we've gotten most of our CF equipment